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  • Three reasons why companies will be happy to work with a freelancing team

    If you are freelancer and have been freelancing your services for quite some time now, you will surely understand that pinching feeling when you lose a great project just because you are short at resources. You may have worked your best and created the most feasible proposal and after being conta...

    Tags: freelancing team, virtual team, freelancers team

    722 days ago

  • How Hillary Met Her Project Deadlines While Heading a Virtual Programming Team?

    Freelancing with a virtual team of programmers can be an interesting but challenging experience. The lack of physical proximity can sometimes result in considerable delays. And it doesn’t help much if your team lacks enthusiasm. These were some of the problems that Hillary faced while handling a ...

    Tags: team of programmers, virtual team

    714 days ago

  • Complete big software development tasks with a virtual team from Melbourne

    Software development is actually a comprehensive term that is used for any and all types of IT related development tasks. From web development to app development, all of the tasks that involve programming knowledge are included here. Taking this into consideration, the fact is that most software ...

    Tags: software development, virtual team

    708 days ago

  • How Angela formed a virtual team of android developers?

    Android mobile application development is a fast growing field. With smartphone users increasing by the day and with a particular increase in the use of android based phones, the need for android based mobile applications is also on a rise. This is the reason why there is an increasing demand for...

    Tags: android developer, virtual team, android mobile application development

    702 days ago

  • Why these android app developers from Edinburgh teamed up?

    There is a significant increase in android based mobile phone users and that clearly indicates an increase in the demand for android based mobile apps. Businesses today are becoming more and more customer oriented. Mobile based apps provide the best source for these businesses to reach out to the...

    Tags: virtual team, android app developer

    696 days ago

  • Why teaming up is a Great Option for Freelancer to Choose Today?

    Being a freelancer means that you may do variety of stuff online. Basically, people who do not posses any expert skills and capable online, hire freelancers to do their basic tasks to allow them some sort of extra time to concentrate on other stuff. But if you have specialist skills like deve...

    Tags: freelancing team, virtual team, freelancers team

    696 days ago

  • Learn How to Give Quality Work to Clients and Complete Projects on Time with LetsTeamApp

    If you want to become a remote worker then time and quality work would be important things for you to make your career successful. Do you want to know why, because when you work remotely with clients, you both are unknown to each other and why would one believe on you? Usually clients will no...

    Tags: virtual team, freelance career

    689 days ago

  • Do not Let your Career Down Because of Silly Reasons, Utilize LetsTeamApp and Work with No tension!

    When you work individually you are always responsible for everything it does not matter whether you are physically fit to work on or suffering from illness, you would have to complete the work on time and successfully. It means when you work in freelance you can never be depended on others. S...

    Tags: virtual team, freelance team, freelancing team

    672 days ago

  • Freelance Developer Mark Quit His Full time Job and Jumped into Freelancing, Why?

    People who are into development stream always want to work in a multinational company as a full time developer instead of working as a freelance developer because they believe that they cannot make big freelance money as a freelance developer/programmer plus they know that programming/develop...

    Tags: virtual team, freelance developer, freelance development project

    672 days ago