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  • Make big freelance programming opportunities reach you

    Freelancing might seem to be a carefree and a relaxed way to earn money. But in all reality, it can become as stressful as a full-day job. This happens particularly when you have just started out your freelance career and have very little or no experience at all. In this case, you may find it dif...

    Tags: freelancing career, online community

    703 days ago

  • Why Elizabeth formed her own team of freelance programmers?

    Freelancing is about making a lot of right choices. How you strategize your available time and plan out your work plays an important role in ensuring that your freelance career turns out to be a positive career approach for you. That being said, it is equally important to understand the challenge...

    Tags: freelancing career, online community

    698 days ago

  • Finding a freelance partner made Steve from New York a pro at HTML

    Freelancing can be fun. This is something that Steve Harry learnt when he joined LetsTeamApp. Before that, Steve worked as a freelance HTML developer for about 5 years. While he was able to make a decent amount of money, his freelance career was getting quite stressful for him. Yes, it was defini...

    Tags: online community, HTML developer

    698 days ago

  • How can a freelance web developer work in a global freelance team?

    Technology has made outsourcing of work possible and practically feasible. With major big companies having global operations, the managers look for a global workforce. Also, the fact that work from anywhere is possible because of the widespread internet, freelancing today is seen as the new way t...

    Tags: freelancing, online community

    697 days ago

  • How Gawneth from Singapore got better with her SQL skills?

    Gawneth Rodricks is a freelance SQL developer from Singapore. Originally from Philippines, Gawneth is in Singapore for her higher studies and did a course in SQL programming out of pure interest. She is highly skilled and really enjoys working on SQL. She hence thought that while she studies, she...

    Tags: freelancing career, online community

    692 days ago

  • Elsa got the experience she wanted with LetsTeamApp!

    LetsTeamApp is an online community of freelancers with varied skills. From programmers, designers to writers and other skilled professionals, you can find all types of freelancers here on LetsTeamApp. While it is more or less like any social networking site that helps people connect and interact ...

    Tags: freelancing career, online community

    692 days ago

  • Dealing With Difficult Clients: 3 Tips That Could Save You

    Client service is a part of a freelancer’s job. And this isn’t always roses and champagne. Clients can be extremely fickle minded about what they want. At the same time, they can be extreme perfectionists, demanding rework even when you know it isn’t necessary. Here are some useful tips to help y...

    Tags: freelancing career, online community

    692 days ago

  • Teaming up is the future of freelancing, check here why!

    When it comes to freelance programming, there is definitely a great scope for a great future. However, the fact is that freelance programming can only become a successful and lucrative career option for you if you really take it seriously. By this, we mean considering freelancing as a serious mod...

    Tags: freelancing programming career, online community

    686 days ago

  • Follow this Process and Make Your Freelance Career Successful

    In freelancing world the best way to get more freelance work is to build long term relationships with every single client you get chance to work with. Relationships with clients can be built with trust and trust comes when you give the quality work to their projects. So there is connection be...

    Tags: online community, teamup, successful freelance career

    686 days ago

  • Let work follow freelancers than freelancers search for work

    Meet Rachel. Before Rachel got married and had her first child, Rachel had a high-flying career as a graphic designer with a top advertising agency. Today, she is looking for something more flexible that allows her to pursue a satisfying career without having to sacrifice her duties as a new mom....

    Tags: freelancing career, online community

    677 days ago

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