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  • Developers looking for job in the South Bay Area, California USA

    Developers looking for job in the South Bay Area, California USA

    I am looking for Front-end and backend developers in the Bay Area to join my team. I have requirements needing a broad range of skills Extensive experience with OOA/OOD, SOA, UML Modeling, Design Patterns, data structures & algorithms Extensively worked on Java, J2EE stack ...

    groups:skills: Java, J2EE, XML, Javascript, HTML5, Mockito, Dependency Injection, Writing Unit tests, Google App Engine

    1032 days ago

  • Freelance developers (Elance, oDesk, Freelancer, etc.)

    Freelance developers (Elance, oDesk, Freelancer, etc.)

    Frelenace developers from social sites like Elance, oDesk, Freelancer, etc. are welcome to join the team. I have a couple of web projects. I would like to form a team of web developers which includes frontend, backend and database developers.

    groups:skills: Java/J2EE or .NET ASP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL or MS SQL

    1056 days ago

  • Jobs for developers in San Francisco

    Jobs for developers in San Francisco

    Hi Developers looking for contractual job, please join the team.When one contract expires, we take the responsibility of getting another signed up on time.Rate depends upon the client.Relocation benefits also depend upon the client.Thanks

    groups:skills: Python, Java, Android, Javascript, UI/UX, database

    1009 days ago

  • Is it better to learn Python or JavaScript as a first language?

    As a programmer who is starting out a career, the most common question that may be running in your mind is which programming language you should first get started with. A common confusion however is the one in between Python or JavaScript. Well, in reality, both these programming languages are es...

    Tags: Python, Javascript

    718 days ago

  • Drupal Team India

    Drupal Team India

    Drupal developers can join this team and can collaborate for Drupal projects.

    groups:skills: Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, CSS, Responsive custom theming

    1060 days ago

  • StratoX is looking for Node.js and javascript developer

    Contact : pabani@gmail.com

    Tags: Node.js, javascript

    865 days ago

  • Javascript / Node.js Developer

    Contact: careers@stringify.com

    Tags: Node.js, javascript

    865 days ago

  • Bidding for a Freelance Project : BZR-I Data reporter

    Bidding for a Freelance Project : BZR-I Data reporter

    I am Bidding for a freelance project. I would like to form a team of developers to back me up. The client has set a timeline of the first phase for 2 months and then the remaining phases will follow soon.The project is about collecting data from multiple sites through some APIs and generating rep...

    groups:skills: Machine learning, google analytics, javascript, JSON, XML, Oracle

    1054 days ago

  • How did Sage Improve His Company‚Äôs Revenue through LetsTeamApp?

    Sage Northcutt is an owner of an award winning social WiFi hotspot system that supercharges wireless hotspots into a highly effective marketing and analytics platform. He wanted to build out some features that could supercharge wifi hotspots, so for this he needed an intermediate fu...

    Tags: freelance developer, freelance UI/UX designer, react, es6, nodejs, javascript

    662 days ago

  • How to Land Big Freelance Application Development Projects with LetsTeamApp?

    If you are a creative person then you have the chance to make a meaningful impact on society by joining freelance industry. You can start working as a freelancer and try to make the best of your freelance job by joining a freelance team. Yes, when you work with a team you get group of people ...

    Tags: freelance EXTJS developer, javascript, freelance team

    660 days ago