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  • Make big freelance programming opportunities reach you

    Freelancing might seem to be a carefree and a relaxed way to earn money. But in all reality, it can become as stressful as a full-day job. This happens particularly when you have just started out your freelance career and have very little or no experience at all. In this case, you may find it dif...

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    699 days ago

  • Why Elizabeth formed her own team of freelance programmers?

    Freelancing is about making a lot of right choices. How you strategize your available time and plan out your work plays an important role in ensuring that your freelance career turns out to be a positive career approach for you. That being said, it is equally important to understand the challenge...

    Tags: freelancing career, online community

    694 days ago

  • Learn how a freelance designer and programmer can join hands

    Freelancing is now considered as a convenient way to earn money and not just that, it is a lucrative career option too. Freelance programming, for particular, is extremely lucrative because of the need for constant IT development and other software related updates in most businesses. Because prog...

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    693 days ago

  • Why freelance developers should work on collaborative projects?

    Freelancing is now considered as a highly convenient and yet a lucrative career option. Not just limited to stay-at-home mothers or retired executives any more, freelancing has grown a lot from what it was a decade ago. As a matter of fact, freelancing can be a serious way to earn a living. Howev...

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    693 days ago

  • Don’t Work on Repetitive Projects, Be Different and Work on Different Project with Help of LetsTeamApp

    When you work as a full time employee you will get hired to create some designs and logos and there will be chances to work on projects for long. Being a full time employee you will rarely be able to leave the technology you are asked to work on. Suppose if your boss wants you to work on PHP ...

    Tags: freelancing career, teamup

    691 days ago

  • Is It Worth Being A Freelance Designer?

    College graduates often wonder whether it’s best to start their design careers as freelancers or working for an agency. And those designers who have worked for a few years in an agency often consider becoming freelancers. Expert designers agree that both career streams come with their own pros an...

    Tags: freelancing career, freelance designing

    690 days ago

  • 4 Reasons Why Clients Choose To Hire Freelance Designers

    Freelancing allows designers to work on their own terms, pick up projects that they find interesting, and charge how much they like, among other reasons. It’s easy to imagine why designers choose to become freelancers. But why should clients decide to hire freelancers for their projects? As it so...

    Tags: freelancing career, freelance designer

    690 days ago

  • What Do Design Agencies Look For In Freelance Designers?

    Freelance designers need not always choose to work single-handedly with clients. Instead, they can choose to freelance for other design agencies. This allows them to procure work consistently while also allowing them to build their skills. Moreover, they don’t have to directly deal with clients. ...

    Tags: freelance designer, freelancing career

    690 days ago

  • 4 Great Tools For Freelance Designers

    As we’ve discussed before, being a freelance designer entails a lot more than designing websites. Being a freelancer is a lot like owning a small design firm. A lot of your time is taken up in managing your projects, creating invoices, and dealing with clients. Managing your work can be a real he...

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    690 days ago

  • A programmer no longer has to be a ‘Jack of all trades’

    Expertise is an important consideration in every field. Gone are the times when business clients would assign the entire task to a programmer and get all results. Today, every programming aspect and field requires the attention of an especially skilled programmer. For instance, an HTML developer ...

    Tags: freelancing career, freelance programmer

    688 days ago

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