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  • How Steve from New Jersey Kick-started His Career as a Freelance Web Designer

    Steve was a university student from New Jersey with excellent web designing skills. Having already done a few projects for different departments in his university for free, he decided to turn professional. A full-time career as a web designer was out of the question at this point. So Steve turned...

    Tags: web designing, freelance web designer

    713 days ago

  • How a UI Designer from Los Angeles Earned $8,000 Using LetsTeamApp?

    Alicia worked as a web designer at a multimedia firm in Los Angles. After a decade of working, she quit her job to devote her time to raising her children. During her break, she ran through a bit of financial trouble. While she didn’t think she would need a full time job for the money, she decide...

    Tags: freelance web designer, web development projects

    704 days ago

  • From Rags To Riches In 90 Days: How Freelancing Changed This Web Designer’s Life

    The late 2000s were a difficult time for many people living in the United States. The recession was in full swing, and people were getting laid off like rain. Andy had worked as a web designer at a design agency for five years when he was given his pink slip. It was the last thing he had expected...

    Tags: freelance designer, freelance web designer

    692 days ago

  • The 5 Mistakes Every Beginner Freelance Web Designer Makes

    No one starts off perfect. Expert freelancers often look back at their earliest works with a faint sense of disbelief. It takes a lot of experience before designers begin to learn their mistakes and work on them. It helps to learn from the mistakes of others right at the beginning. With that said...

    Tags: freelance designer, freelance web designer

    692 days ago

  • Team up with freelancers having complementary skills

    A work-from-home web designer is going through her monthly income statements and is in shock of how little she has upgraded her earning over the years. Sasha thinking to herself: “I work day and night on web development projects and make peanuts at the end of the month!” – Sasha gets up looking d...

    Tags: freelance web designer, work from home web designer

    677 days ago

  • Are You A Designer? Here’s Why You Should Start A Blog

    Jake has been a freelance web designer since he was a twenty-one year old design student. “Back then, I was just doing it for some extra dough,” he recalls. What was once a means for some extra money soon turned into the start of a lucrative career. Now at thirty, Jake is seasoned freelance desig...

    Tags: freelance web designer, website designer

    685 days ago

  • Tori Became Friend with Her Business Partner through LetsTeamApp

    Today teaming up is the best way to kick start your freelance career. By working in a team a freelancer can easily make his career successful and earn big freelance money. There are a lot more advantages to team up in freelancing. When you work with a team your scope of work may not remain li...

    Tags: freelancing team, freelance web designer

    685 days ago

  • How LetsTeamApp Helped Rahul Find The Right Designer To Collaborate With

    Rahul was a freelance web designer from Bangalore. He had recently acquired an elaborate web design project from a Startup company looking to build an interactive website to attract their clients. The project wasn’t much different from the dozens he had taken up before. And so he got to work.Chan...

    Tags: freelance designer, freelance web designer

    680 days ago

  • How A Struggling Freelancer Enhanced His Career Through LetsTeamApp

    Mark had worked as a web designer at a design agency in New York for seven years. During his seventh year, the organization ran into debts and had to shut down. And so, Mark was left without a job. And unfortunately for him, no company was looking to hire anyone. The economy wasn’t doing very wel...

    Tags: web designer, freelance web designer

    680 days ago

  • How A Web Designer With Limited Skills Found Work Through LetsTeamApp

    Kenny was a first year design student from New York. During college, he decided to take up freelance web design work to make some extra money. Kenny had little web design experience. He’d previously designed a website for a class project, and shortly afterwards, he had helped design a website for...

    Tags: freelance designer, freelance web designer

    680 days ago

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