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  • The Partnership Helped Ben Carson to accomplish the software project?

    Ben Carson and Rand Paul two freelance software developers from New York wanted to create an application that checks whether an email is registered on a specific website or not and create a list after words. Both were quite excited to do this project but unfortunately Rand got sick at night b...

    Tags: freelance software developer, teamup

    662 days ago

  • How to Land Big Projects When You don’t Have Enough Experience?

    Today most of reputed companies in IT world are using Java language for developing software applications and web applications. For that reason Java skills can enable aspirant freelancers to search good freelance work. If they are pro at their skills then they can get chance to play many diffe...

    Tags: freelance JAVA developer, EJB programmer, web programmer, application programmer, freelance software developer

    660 days ago

  • Get your Hands on Online Community-LetsTeamApp and Make the Best Use of it!

    Today freelancers are highly in demand. Most of the companies and entrepreneurs prefer to hire freelancers. They believe that they can get their work done in a shorter time. But freelancers who are pro at their skills and have enough experience get selected by the companies and entrepreneurs....

    Tags: enterpreneure, freelance software developer, online community, LetsTeamApp

    660 days ago

  • What made Bob, a Freelance Software Developer to teamup with Other Freelancer?

    Bob Marley is a freelance software developer, who has been working from San Francisco for 6 years. He had always worked individually and never tried to be a part of any team. It was because he wanted to become an independent freelancer, however one year ago he landed a project which required ...

    Tags: freelance software developer, teamup

    657 days ago