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  • From Rags To Riches In 90 Days: How Freelancing Changed This Web Designer’s Life

    The late 2000s were a difficult time for many people living in the United States. The recession was in full swing, and people were getting laid off like rain. Andy had worked as a web designer at a design agency for five years when he was given his pink slip. It was the last thing he had expected...

    Tags: freelance designer, freelance web designer

    708 days ago

  • The 5 Mistakes Every Beginner Freelance Web Designer Makes

    No one starts off perfect. Expert freelancers often look back at their earliest works with a faint sense of disbelief. It takes a lot of experience before designers begin to learn their mistakes and work on them. It helps to learn from the mistakes of others right at the beginning. With that said...

    Tags: freelance designer, freelance web designer

    708 days ago

  • What Happened When Craig Met Tom the High Rated Freelance Designer through LetsTeamApp

    One of the best ways to become independent is to start working as a freelancer from anywhere in the world it doesn’t matter where you live just open your laptop, connect it to internet and start working. That is it. But it is easy for those who have a big network of people, freelancer who hav...

    Tags: freelance designer, freelance career

    706 days ago

  • How Ken Griffey Jr Started Making Steady Money with LetsTeamApp

    Freelancing is an industry which allows people to work with freedom. They can work when and where they want to. It is a convenient way to earn money as you always work from home. You do not work on one kind of projects. But the biggest setback of freelancing is steady income. There is always ...

    Tags: freelance designer, freelance team, big freelance money

    704 days ago

  • Dealing With Rework Requests From Clients

    Rework can be a pain to deal with. Unfortunately, your clients won’t often see your work the same way you do. Certain aspects you thought appealing may not translate well on to your client’s side leading to requests for rework. But with a bit of effort, you can avoid such requests completely. Her...

    Tags: freelancing career, freelance designer

    701 days ago

  • Creating The Perfect Portfolio For Your Web Design Career

    Your portfolio is a gateway to your career as a web designer. Before assigning you a project, prospective clients would like to see your work and then decide whether you are the right designer for the project they have in mind. Before you go out and seek clients, it’s best to have all of your bes...

    Tags: web designer, freelance designer

    701 days ago

  • Make Your Clients Satisfied with Your Many Minds Creativity through LetsTeamApp

    If you are a freelance designer and know that you are not that capable to always satisfy your clients with your work then you really need a help. When you fail to satisfy your clients, means you lose opportunities to work on good projects and if you started losing opportunities means your car...

    Tags: freelance designer, freelance career

    700 days ago

  • Don’t Let Clients to Hire Company, Let them Hire You Only!

    Clients hire companies for their projects because they believe that company has a lot of employees with different kinds of skills and knowledge unlike an individual freelancer. So if clients would always follow this process then what would freelancers do nothing? Well yes if they do freelance...

    Tags: freelance developer, freelance designer, freelance team

    698 days ago

  • Use LetsTeamApp and Make Your Own Team of Experts and Get the Game Project Done

    A freelance developer always likes to work with a freelance designer, because development is somehow incomplete without designing. Programming makes a particular program run and designing helps viewer to understand program’s purpose. Suppose there is an idea in somebody’s mind to make a game,...

    Tags: freelance developer, freelance designer, teamwork

    698 days ago

  • Khole Made Her Wedding Invitation Business World Famous through LetsTeamApp

    Khloe Kardashian runs multiple ventures and also owns a 20 year old wedding invitation business, dispersed all across the globe. Two years ago when her wedding invitation business was in India only she decided to take it global. So she decided to hire a range of designers who could give her i...

    Tags: freelance developer, freelance designer, freelance SEO expert, freelance team

    697 days ago

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