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  • Developers looking for job in the South Bay Area, California USA

    Developers looking for job in the South Bay Area, California USA

    I am looking for Front-end and backend developers in the Bay Area to join my team. I have requirements needing a broad range of skills Extensive experience with OOA/OOD, SOA, UML Modeling, Design Patterns, data structures & algorithms Extensively worked on Java, J2EE stack ...

    groups:skills: Java, J2EE, XML, Javascript, HTML5, Mockito, Dependency Injection, Writing Unit tests, Google App Engine

    1030 days ago

  • IT Jobs in Hyderabad

    IT Jobs in Hyderabad

    Anybody looking for job in Hyderabad is welcome to join this group

    groups:skills: .Net, ASP, Java, Spring, Ruby, PHP, Python, HTML, Android, iOS

    1040 days ago

  • Jobs for developers in San Francisco

    Jobs for developers in San Francisco

    Hi Developers looking for contractual job, please join the team.When one contract expires, we take the responsibility of getting another signed up on time.Rate depends upon the client.Relocation benefits also depend upon the client.Thanks

    groups:skills: Python, Java, Android, Javascript, UI/UX, database

    1007 days ago

  • How to Land on a Big Budget Project with the Help of a Team

    Are you tired of working for company you do not like? Do you really want to utilize your time on your own term and also do you want only those projects you want to work on? If yes, then maybe you should think about freelancing. Freelancing is not committed to any organization or any partic...

    Tags: Java, PHP

    703 days ago

  • How Can Freelance Mobile Application Developers Build a Team?

    Today mobiles are gradually replacing desktop systems and laptops with mobile applications; one cannot imagine his single day without a mobile phone. It is actually very difficult to live without in today’s time. So companies are facing problems to meet the growing requirements of the users. ...

    Tags: Python, PHP, Java

    703 days ago

  • Find why Bruno Left His Day Job and never went back to his day job again?

    Bruno Mars is a freelance Java developer from New York. He had been working in a multinational company since 2010 and everything was going absolutely well until he got married. Right after getting married he got promotion and now there were more responsibilities that he had to take on in his ...

    Tags: freelance java developer, Java, online community

    654 days ago

  • Are you a PHP programmer from Singapore looking for a JAVA analyst to team up?

    As a PHP programmer, you have quite hit the bull’s eye. There are several websites that run on the platform that requires PHP skills and that’s the reason, there is immense need and demand PHP developers. However, just being a PHP developer and having no language of the structural JAVA might crea...

    Tags: PHP, JAVA, PHP programmer

    717 days ago

  • Common problems faced by JAVA programmers

    There are some people who don’t find their coding job exciting but there are others too, who would go to any extent to make their career as a JAVA developer work. If you belong to the latter group, you will have ample opportunities to do interesting things more so, because you know JAVA. The popu...

    Tags: JAVA, JAVA programmer

    716 days ago

  • Why Hari chose to work with a Java development team?

    Java development is a lucrative career option for programmers. If you are keen on taking up a programming career and want to make sure that your skill does not go outdated, Java can be your thing. Hari Ramanath, a Java developer, from Chennai, India was quite satisfied with his career choice but ...

    Tags: JAVA, JAVA programmer

    656 days ago