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  • Funded Startups

    Funded Startups

    If you are a founder/co-founder or an executive member of a startup and you are trying to raise funds for your startup, you are welcome to join this team.If you are an investor, you are most welcome.The goal of this team is to help team members raise funds.

    groups:ProfessionalCategories: Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor

    1052 days ago

  • Data Scientists

    Data Scientists

    Hi all, I would like to form the team of Data Scientists. Anybody who is interested in this field can join. You can initiate discussions on Data Science Topics, recruit the professionals from this team, ask for references, etc., Dr. Sharan

    groups:ProfessionalCategories: Architect, Business Advisor, Consultant, Engineer, Investor, IT Business Analyst, IT Database Developer, Researcher, Scientist

    1043 days ago

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