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Do not Convince Developers to Work with you, Let them Find You!

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By Anshika 658 days ago

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Do not Convince Developers to Work with you, Let them Find You!

Meek Mill has a local business and for that he wanted to build a modern and mobile friendly website a few months back. Since his budget was too low nobody wanted to work for him so after so much of efforts he decided to build it on his own. He knew little bit about website development and also had worked on a few projects during his graduation, so was kind of confident that he could do this but at the end of day he failed. He did not know where to get this work done.

What did Meek do?

It was not that difficult project but a simple easy to use website that he wanted to be done. When nothing was as good as he imagined he decided to increase his budget in order to land a good web developer, so when he was up to this he came across LetsTeamApp and thought of giving it a try. He registered on LetsTeamApp and found a freelance developer who was ready to work for him at low rates. Meek was quite happy as his work was getting done within his budget. So like Meek if you have low budget for your projects then do not convince developers to work with you, join LetsTeamApp and let them find you. 



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