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  • What Made Jane Change Her Mind On Collaborative Programming

What Made Jane Change Her Mind On Collaborative Programming

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By atul 659 days ago

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What Made Jane Change Her Mind On Collaborative Programming

Jane never considered herself a team player. She had tried collaboration once. It had turned out to be a disaster. The result of this collaboration was a substandard website and a thinner paycheck. Since then, she had avoided collaboration at much as she could.

What changed?

Jane entered a dry spell where she was unable to find any project. She managed to avoid taking up collaborative projects, that is, until her bills caught up with her. Jane realized that she had to take what she could get. She got in touch with a programmer friend and asked her if she needed help on any project. She didn’t, but she directed Jane to another programmer who was developing a website for a startup.

She got in touch with this programmer, Jake, who asked her to join LetsTeamApp to continue the collaboration. Jane soon found out that she wouldn’t be collaborating with just programmers, but designers as well. She thought that she was in for a disaster once again. But things were much better than she expected. Jake had a lot of insights to offer, and through her conversations with the designers, she even learnt a bit about the design process.
This experience changed Jane’s approach to collaboration completely. Not only had she learnt a lot, but she could even say that her team skills had improved significantly from before. Today, Jane continues to collaborate with other freelancers in addition to working alone.