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With LetsTeamApp manage multiple Development Projects at time!

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By Anshika 657 days ago

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With LetsTeamApp manage multiple Development Projects at time!

Nina Dobrev from California is an owner of a small IT company where she has only 5-6 employees working for her. A few months ago her company landed an application development project in which client needed a small working iPhone application that could record videos from the front camera while running in the background/minimized.  Client did not want the app UI but the simple feature, a start and a stop button only.  However, Nina and her team had the skills, that is why they landed the project but the only problem they were going through was ‘lack of time’. Since they were not too many and having a few other projects that also needed to be done on time so they could not give their full time to app development project.

How did Nina and her team manage then?

While two of her employees were working online on some other projects they came across the article which was about teaming up and the link (when clicked) took them to LetsTeamApp. They then thought about giving it a try, they logged into it and came across many teams and individual freelancers. They then informed Nina to hire freelancers from there only. Nina did the same and found a team of few freelance developers; she approached the team and was very happy to get that. So this is how she and her employees managed to complete the application development project and earned good money.



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