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How a Client Led a Freelance to Success: Check Below!

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By Anshika 658 days ago

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How a Client Led a Freelance to Success: Check Below!

Two years ago at the starting of his career Bernie Madoff, a freelance web designer from San Francisco was looking for opportunities to come his way but was getting failed on every attempt. He then released that individually he would not be able to find work he truly loves so he decided to work in a team. However he did not know the way to find an effective team so he was still in trouble. One day when he was trying to find team on internet he came across the project where client wanted to hire an experienced web designer who could join his ongoing design tasks, design new pages for his web application as well as could upgrade the whole design to a new and fresher look. After going through all his requirements he found himself eligible for that job and applied to it.

What happened next?

A few days later he got an email where he was informed that he got selected for the job, he was quite happy and could not wait to start working on project. Soon he got in touch with client and started working on project right after the meeting. Project was the huge success and client was mesmerized with his performance and also suggested him to join LetsTeamApp. He first did not understand why he suggested him to join LetsTeamApp but today he gives all the credit of his success to his client. 



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