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Check Which Tool Made Martin O Malley So Successful?

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By Anshika 660 days ago

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Check Which Tool Made Martin O Malley So Successful?

Martin O Malley has been working in a freelance industry as a iOS developer since 2010. Before jumping into freelancing he used to build mobile applications with his friend Jeb Bush. But his friend was so greedy he was the kind of person who knew the tricks to getting rich. He never gave Martin an equal profit so he was kind of disappointed as he never earned the amount he deserved. So due to this he decided to work individually and jumped into freelancing. After a few days he landed a project of creating a small, but very cool iOS application. Client wanted him to do the programming, graphics and sound. But Martin did not know how to design graphics, he was not somehow not eligible for this job, although wanted to work on this project as it was kind of project he always dreamed to do so did not want to lose it. So he decided to teamup with graphic designer.

How did he manage to complete the project?

When he was searching about the ways to teamup with other freelancers he came to know about LetsTeamApp. At first he was unable to understand LetsTeamApp as it requires a user to log in to first then it shows his features so Martin did the same, got himself registered on to it and started understanding in properly and it took him only a few minutes to understand he then started searching for freelance graphic designer and found hundred of graphic designers but out of hundred he liked only one who was from San Jose and was also looking for work. Martin asked him to teamup with him and so he did. They both then worked on project and made a big success.






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