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Get your Business Website Built Easily with LetsTeamApp!

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By Anshika 660 days ago

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Get your Business Website Built Easily with LetsTeamApp!

Ray Austin is an owner of a pizza shop in San Francisco and his business is running successfully. While running this kind business he discovered that many of people do not like to go out to have Pizza and beverage when they feel like hungry, all they want to get their goodies delivered at their door step. So for the betterment of his business he wanted to build a pizza delivery website where his clients could make their own pizza from the offered ingredients, see the result as a picture, insert the delivery address and could also pay online for the order. So basically he needed a freelance developer who could develop his website and off course a freelance designer who could create amazing and attractive designing of all the pages and all the pictures. But unfortunately he did not know where to find such talented experts. One day when one of his friends visited his shop and asked how is everything going with him and his business, after being asked he then shared his problem with him and asked his friend to help him.

How did his friend help him?

Luckily Ray’s friend knew the way which could help him to get rid of this problem and LetsTeamApp was the way he suggested him to walk on. Ray then got his hands on it and started finding a freelance designer/developer. He found Bill Clinton, a New York based freelance designer/developer. Bill was one of the top most freelancers and initially not ready to work with Ray but when Ray offered him a big amount he got agreed and started working on website. It took him only 15 days to build an attractive website. Ray liked Bill’s work very much and was very happy.




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