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Meeting Deadlines as a Freelance Programmer

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By atul 660 days ago

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Meeting Deadlines as a Freelance Programmer

Whether you’re a freelancer who programs in Java or in C++, your ability to meet deadlines is one of the key factors that help in building your reputation. Keeping up to deadlines should be one of your top priorities. That said, here are a few tips that could go a long way in helping you do this:

Keep a list
Prioritizing your tasks is the first step toward ensuring that you finish your work on time. Placing this list in a position that catches your eye is an added step you can take. This way, you should be able to work faster.

Keep your client in the loop
Keep your client informed about your work progress. Also let them know if you won’t be able to make a deadline. They might be able to help you by extending it.

Create a buffer period
Writing the perfect code can sometimes take more time than you expect. That’s why it’s best to create your own personal deadline, one that occurs before the deadline expected by your client. This should make you more efficient.

Don’t take on too much

Only take on as much work as you think you can handle. When you take up more than this, you’ll find it confusing and difficult to organize and meet up to the deadlines of different clients.

Break down your project
This makes it easier to focus on one step at a time. Also, create a start and end date for each step.