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  • How To Create The Perfect Freelance Programming Team

How To Create The Perfect Freelance Programming Team

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By atul 660 days ago

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How To Create The Perfect Freelance Programming Team

Managing a virtual team of programmers can be very different from doing the same with a team whose members are physically located close to each other. If you’re leading a team of freelance programmers virtually, you’ll find that they may lack the feeling of togetherness that is present in a physical team. Here are some tips to help you with creating the perfect programming team.

Make sure your programmers understand what you expect

Communicating roles is the first and foremost pointer to keep in mind when you hand out work to a team of programmers. Identify your programmers’ strengths and give them work accordingly. If one of your programmers is a good Python programmer, give that freelancer Python projects. And make sure that he or she understands what he has to do.

Encourage frequent communication

This is integral while leading a freelance team. You don’t have the luxury of meeting at a coffee break to discuss work. Try using an online work space to keep track of communication with your teammates.

Set deadlines for your team members
As a team leader, you need to ensure that your teammates complete their work on time. Tell each of them how many pieces of code you expect them to finish in a day, and ensure that they do finish that much.

Encourage trust

Trust your team and encourage your team members to trust each other while collaborating. No work can be accomplished successfully without encouraging trust.