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Learn How to Succeed in Business through LetsTeamApp!

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By Anshika 662 days ago

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Learn How to Succeed in Business through LetsTeamApp!

Paul Kantner is a successful entrepreneur who runs a business of 3D animated short movies in California. It has been 5 years since he has started his business. Today he has up to 400 employees in his business and started it with 2 people. He gives all his credits to LetsTeamApp, an online platform which helped him to form a team of experienced freelance 2D, 3D animated designers.

How did he come across LetsTeamApp?

Right from his childhood he is very fond of animated movies, at his young age he used to watch animated movies for whole day long without any break and also wanted to build his own business of making animated short movies/videos. So when he felt like he is ready to start his business he just started collecting funds that he could spend in his business. It took him a few months to get ready financially and mentally. He and two of his old friends started making ideas to implement them into videos/movies, but within a few days when nothing was going well they realized that it is not a 2-3 men task, they would need to hire more experts to make it possible. So they decided to from a team of experts that could help them to make their business successful.

They then started doing random internet research and ended up with getting nothing. They again tried but got failed again. So decided to take suggestions from consultant, when they were about to ask they came across LetsTeamApp and though of giving it a try. They utilized it and today you can see where they are.




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