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Share work with freelancers

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By atul 684 days ago

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Share work with freelancers

Narrator: This is John. John is a wizard of words. He has spent the last few years of his life freelancing for brands who love his copywriting skills.
However, some of his clients also ask for analytics and insights on their content strategy; an area in content marketing that John has little experience with.

At the coffee shop, John looking flustered talking to a friend: “I really need to bag this client, but he is looking for someone who is an EXPERT in analytics. So I need to show him that I am an expert in analytics!”
Friend: “Why don’t YOU hire an analytics expert who can fill your knowledge gaps?”
John: “Where will I ever find one that is experienced enough but doesn’t eat into my profits?”
Friend on his laptop, turns the screen towards John, zoom into screen with home page of LetsTeamApp – “Why don’t you sign up with them?”
John: “LetsTeamApp?! What is that?”
Friend: “LetsTeamApp is a platform that recommends the most SKILLED, the most ECONOMICAL and readily AVAILABLE freelancers from all over the globe. A web developer friend of mine was looking for a professional app developer who could replicate his client’s e-commerce platform into an app. LetsTeamApp recommended him to a lot of of freelance professionals with the right kind of expertise and he found the perfect developer to partner with for this project within a matter of A FEW MINUTES!”
John: “That is amazing! But he must have paid a lot to hire him right?”
Friend: “Not at All! LetsTeamApp provides service WITHOUT CHARGING any fee to freelancers. With a choice of freelancing professionals with similar expertise, you will be able to pick an expert you can afford to hire without having to compromise on your profit margin. Once LetsTeamApp has connected you with the right freelancers, then it is entirely between you and them. Why not take advantage of FREE recommendation service from LetsTeamApp!”

… A month later...

At the same coffee shop.
John to friend: “Thanks for introducing me to LetsTeamApp! It has transformed the way I work! I am no more an INDIVIDUAL lone freelancer. I can build ON DEMAND teams in no time at no cost. I am now collaborating with professionals from all over so much that I am sharing extra work with them and even getting a lot of new business from them!”
Friend: “Don’t thank me! Thank LetsTeamApp!”