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  • Get outsourcing work in your favor with the support of freelancers

Get outsourcing work in your favor with the support of freelancers

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By atul 684 days ago

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Get outsourcing work in your favor with the support of freelancers

Meet Andy. (Animation of Andy waving to us from the screen) He works as a freelance application tester. Business has been good for him all this while, but suddenly he feels the need to expand his horizons a little.
Andy is meeting a dead-end with his current network of clients. (Andy on his smartphone) So, he decided to join a developers group to find new business. Today is the first meet and greet at a happening bar in town. Andy is excited. (Andy getting ready)
At the Bar Andy holding a drink, making small talk with people who pass on to meeting other people within a few seconds.
Show the Clock moving forward by 2 hours. Andy is now standing in the corner, all by himself, with a drink in his hand, desperately trying to enter into a conversation with someone new. It’s been 2 hours and he hasn’t given out but a single visiting card to a random stranger.
Andy, thinking to himself: “People may be nice here, but they all think of me as competition and have no intention to collaborate professionally”.
Andy walks out of the bar and is walking home when his phone pings. “1 New Email”.
Andy: Who could it be at this hour?
Screen of his smart phone – Invite to Join a Collaborative Platform for Professional Boost?
Andy excitedly clicks on the email – Show logo of “LetsTeamApp”.
Andy: This must be from that one decent stranger who took my visiting card!
He rushes home, logs on to the computer and begins to explore the website.
Andy to himself: This is amazing! I can register for free and now I have access to thousands of other freelance professionals just like me! I can already find a few opportunities of collaboration where I can help with my testing skills… and look! There is a responsive web designer – just the guy I was looking for, for my next project!
One week Later –
Andy hard at work at his computer, temporarily looks up – “I have never been this busy and satisfied at work! Thank you LetsTeamApp!”